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    Wouldn't you also like to enjoy your pond without having to clean it every day?

    Drum filters are indispensable. Anyone who is currently constructing or renovating a pond will think about a drum filter. Because what could be easier than a filter that can filter very finely, rinse automatically and provide you with crystal clear water? Can you still use your pond without a drum filter…?

    Wouldn't you also like to enjoy your pond without cleaning it every day?

    The advantage is that a drum filter captures more dirt than any other filter with this flow. The fixed costs to run this filter will also be only a few tens per year.

    The maintenance? Checking every now and then that everything is working properly, that's all!

    How does a Drum filter / Combi Filter work?

    A drum filter is a pre-filter that can filter very fine pollution (<70mu) from a water stream in a simple way. The water flows gravity or pump fed into the drum filter and the dirt is then separated from the water.

    The water flows from the inside of the drum filter through the wall to the outside of the drum filter. A mesh is mounted on the wall of the drum, which has a certain fine mesh (standard 70 mu). The pollution now remains behind on this gauze.


    With a certain level of contamination, the drum filter will completely close up. There is an automatic control at the drum filter that monitors this. This control constantly measures the water level in the drum filter. This is possible with gravity systems behind and with pump fed systems in front of the drum filter. The moment the drum filter clogs up, the water level will change. In the gravity system, the water level drops behind the drum. In a pump fed system, the water level in front of the drum rises.

    If the measurement measures a difference, the electronics will activate the flush. During this flushing, the drive motor rotates the drum filter and a pressure pump (3 bar) sprays the cloth clean from the nozzles. The nozzles spray the water in from the outside of the drum to remove the dirt. This dirty water is collected on the inside of the drum filter by means of a gutter through which the water flows to the sewer. When the water level is back to the correct level, the drum filter will flush for seconds to ensure proper cleaning. After this, the pressure pump and drive motor will switch off and the electronics will continue its measurement until the next flush


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