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    About us

    MPF was created in 2015 from the parent company Makoi Swimming Jewels. Makoi Swimming Jewels is a company that has been specialized for more than 25 years in the construction of various ponds, filter systems and the supply of Japanese koi. More than 25 years ago, founder Richard van Hulst started selling koi and constructing ponds and installing filter systems from his home in the city of Hattem. In 2000, MSJ installed the first drum filters on various koi ponds. This is where the knowledge and expertise arose that has now been passed on to its own line of Drum filters and Combi filters MPF.

    By making everything ourselves, testing and having a lot of personal experience in pond construction, we have come to a concept that meets the maximum quality requirements. This makes our drum filters and combi drum filters not only innovative, but also durable and reliable!

    Why a MPF ​​filter
    Many pond filters are similar and have the same effect. Why would you still go for a MPF ​​filter? The MPF drum / combi filters are driven by an industrial motor that delivers 210 Nm and is specially assembled for these filters!

    This motor is centered on the filter by means of the centering ring, so that it is always exactly in the middle of the barrier and shaft to prevent leakage and deformation. Because we draw, mill, weld and assemble everything ourselves, you will receive the best price-quality product available on the market.

    All plates are milled at our location with our Biesse Skill milling machine.

    The 110mm input and output are stamped with us. This ensures that the connection becomes much stronger compared to a welded pipe. Pipes that are welded to a polypropylene (PP) plate can break more easily, with all the consequences that entails. We have come up with a technique that makes this no longer possible. Two bypass passages in the drum wall ensure that the filter continues to work in case of calamities and the biological part is not shut down.

    Customization is possible in almost any form. All PP material is milled with our own CNC milling machine.

    All our filter systems are designed and drawn by ourselves. This allows us to easily deliver custom work in almost any desired size and shape. Various customers have already preceded you who have had a specially designed drum filter, multi-chamber filters, filter chamber, etc. custom made by us.

    Do you have an idea for a filter system, or does one of our filters not suit your situation? Make an appointment with us to discuss your wishes and ideas.

    Private label:
    If you want to market your own line of filters, we are your best partner. Customer-specific products are produced professionally and quickly for you.

    We are able to deliver high-quality products at a competitive price and because we have a flat organization, we can also switch quickly and avoid unnecessary miscommunication.

    A major advantage of private label is increased customer loyalty to your company because these products are only available at your business. In addition, a private label is often cheaper when purchasing and you make a good profit margin.

    If you have any questions or if you would like to have a filter line produced under your own label, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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