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    With many of our products you have a wide variety of extra options to choose from. Here you can find a detailed explanation of all those options:



    For this filter you can choose for a Siemens Logo 8 control. this control has a couple of advantages over our regular MPF control. These advantages are:

    • The pond pump stops automatically when the water level gets too low and switches on when the water level goes back to normal.
    • Siemens Logo8 takes care of automatic flushes
    • You can read all of data it collects via the internet
    • You can change the flushes if you want to flush for a longer or shorter period of time
    • You can change the ammount of flushes a day and see how many times a day the filter flushes via the integrated day counter.
    • Siemens logo8 emits a signal when the drum has been in dry run protection.

    • Siemens logo8 has connection for an additional flush pump (which is adjustable per flush) that allows you to flush the gutter.

    • Many options to expand and control the drum to your liking.

    • Winter mode defaults to 1 hour. The drum filter flushes 1x per hour automatically. A dry cloth and dried algae is therefore a thing of the past.

    • Siemens logo8 is equipped with a unique flush gutter function that can be set as desired.



    Functions green button on the electronics cabinet:

    Press once: Filter starts rinsing.
    2 quick successive presses: Filter and gutter will rinse.
    4 times in rapid succession: Filter goes into emergency mode. Rinse every so often. If float is defective.
    Press and hold for 3 seconds: Flush counter reset.
    Press and hold for 8 seconds: SMS module gives (test) alarm. (If present)

    While pressing: Total number of flushes visible on screen.


    Flush time: How many seconds filter flushes.
    Dry-running: After how many seconds the pond pump shuts off. Also gives filter SMS alarm.
    Antipend: After how many minutes filter restarts after dry run.
    Gutter flushing: Every X number of flushes the gutter flush.
    Emergency run: Every X number of minutes the filter is flushed. Float is then out of operation.
    Winter mode: 1 x per hour an automatic flush to prevent the fabric from drying out.


    Idle mode: Screen displays number of flushes. (daily counter).
    During flushing: Screen displays flush time.
    During fault: Screen flashes red/white. Displays antipend time and number of start-ups.
    During press: button Screen displays total number of flushes.
    During emergency run: Screen turns red and displays emergency run time.



    ONLY AT 50M3/HOUR DRUMS. A wide gutter may not seem like such a big difference, but it can have many advantages for your pond. It is a small difference that can solve many problems, if you have to deal with a lot of filamentous algae and/or a lot of leaf fall. This can often cause a normal gutter to become clogged up. Hence our solution: the wide gutter! With this, a clogged gutter is a thing of the past.

    * The dirt runs away better, because the gutter more sloping than the standard. a drain of 19cm instead of 5 cm.

    * the gutter is wider, and can transport more waste than the standard gutter. The wide trough is 300mm wide at the back versus 150mm on the standard version.

    * The gutter better flushes out the waste, by transporting more water to a narrower point.

    * Sewer has a faster flow, so less likely to clog the sewer.

    Please note, the water level will drop 3 cm compared to a standard Waste Chute


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