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    Why MPF Drum Filters?

    Compare MPF or Ilex drum filter with other manufacturers.

    Many PP filters are similar and have the same effect, but why would you go for an MPF or an Ilex filter?


    Our Ilex and MPF engines in comparison with engines from other manufacturers.

    In addition to the fact that our motors are significantly larger, they also deliver greater power. Our Ilex engines deliver 120Nm and our MPF engines deliver 210Nm, while other manufacturers often use engines that deliver 27Nm.

    Newton meter is the unit for movement (force x arm) and is used to express the pulling force of a motor, also called torque. Our motors are specially assembled for our drum filters! They are centered on the filter by means of the centering ring so that it is always exactly in the middle of the seal and shaft to prevent leakage and deformation.



    Our electronics are developed with industrial components. In the image below you will find a comparison. In our MPF Controller and our Siemens logo Control we work with 4000W 40-20A relays. It is significantly stronger than the most commonly used relays among other manufacturers.


    In practice this means that the MPF and Ilex control can switch much more frequently than the other electronics. The MPF and Ilex electronics, for example, can switch 850,000 times without any problems (flush pump and motor of the drum filter).



    In addition to all the technology in our filters, we have also thought of construction. All plates are milled by us so that there is no stress on the welding. All inputs and outputs are not welded, but melted. This ensures that the connection is much stronger compared to a welded pipe.


    All filters are welded with a triangle welding wire for extra strength and increased surface adhesion. A round wire has a smaller surface adhesion and gives less guarantee of complete watertightness of the filter.



    MPF and Ilex Filters supply an external high-pressure pump from Oase or an industrial internal flushing pump as standard with the drum filters.. These products meet the highest standards of technical precision – since 1949.

    Oase are technicians by trade, both in the field of creating fascinating water scenes in gardens and aquariums and in the field of professional fountain and water technology.

    The warranty is extremely good, you have a standard 3-year warranty. The high pressure pumps are made with high quality materials. They are supplied as standard with Ilex and MPF filters that do not have a standard internal flushing pump.


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