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    Distribution units for Trickle Filter

    New: Distribution units for Trickle Filters

    The manifolds for our trickle filters are now available.

    What Are Manifolds for Trickle Filters?

    Distribution units are designed to distribute the water evenly across the filter media. This balanced distribution is essential for maximizing filtration efficiency and ensuring the clarity and health of the pond water.

    Why Choose a Distribution Unit?

    The efficiency of A DISTRIBUTION UNIT / transfer case compared to a spray tube is remarkable; it results in a saving of no less than 25% on pump power. This means that when using a spray tube, the pump must run at full power to get the same amount of water through the filter as with a transfer case at only 75% power.

    Another significant advantage of the transfer case is the water distribution. The water spreads completely over the underlying layer, which ensures an even distribution. In addition, the use of a transfer box does not limit the biological volume of the Trickle filter and adds extra oxygen to the top layer thanks to the holes provided.

    VB01 for Trickle Large
    VB02 for Trickle medium
    VB03 for Trickle Small.

    For different sizes please send us an email

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