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    MPF MPF Biodrum 120 Filter : 100m3/h filter in 1 Module

    Koi-vijvers tot 120m3
    Product description

    The MPF Biodrum 120 filter: 120m3 filter in 1 module!

    • The Bio chamber has a capacity of 525 liters! For example, this can hold 350 liters of Helix or other moving bio-media material!
    • An industrial motor was chosen that moves the drum around. Very reliable and very strong, up to 210 Nm !!
    • The stainless steel high pressure pump to rinse the filter screen is an Oase 4 bar 4.5 m3 per hour high pressure pump.
    • Filter comes standard with lid.


    The specifications regarding the inlets and outlets are negotiable at an additional cost. Larger sizes are also possible and we can easily deliver custom work. Make an appointment with your dealer to discuss your wishes and ideas.


    • Drum dimensions: diameter 650mm, length is 800mm.
    • Maximum flow: 100m3 per hour with maximum water level in gravity setup.
    • Control: Incl. with dry running protection, SMS output module, PLC digitally controlled!
    • Incl. Air dish
    • Incl. Bypass for emergencies.
    • Incl. Oase Flushing pump (3 year warranty)
    • 13.5 cm above water level in Gravity setting.

    The filter comes standard with a 2-year warranty (excluding filter cloth)

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    Product specifications

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