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    Flexible rubber bend (45°) 125mm

    Flexible rubber bend (45°) 125mm
    Product description

    flexible attatchements have a ton of advantages for the usage of connecting PVC-pipes with eachother. But also with other hard to glue materials like stainless steel, PP, PE, concrete and polyester. the connections are for low pressure enviroments like sewage-, sanitation- and rain water disposal. our flexible connections are available in all metric sizes and perfectly fitted on all standard sizes.

    • All our gradient socks can be used for a big clamping range
    • Quick connections without glue
    • Removes pressure from pipes and prevents fracture
    • Quickly connect PVC with PE, PP, stainless steel, concrete etc
    • Easy transition from metric to inch
    • Dampens vibrations in pipes
    • No harmfull gasses from glue or other solutions
    • Can be installed while it is freezing
    • Simple to take off and use somewhere else
    • Simple temporary fix in pipes for connections that do not fit 100%
    • Resistant against UV, root growth, sewage gas, bacteria and a diverse range of chemicals.

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    Flexible rubber bend (45°) 125mm
    Flexible rubber bend (45°) 125mm

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