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    FlowFriend Standard (0-70m3)

    Product description

    One can call the FlowFriend a frontrunner in energy-efficient water pumping. It already meets the highest MEI class, with a value above 0.7. The MEI class, the Minimum Efficiency Index, is related to the efficiency of both the motor and hydraulics of the pump and is a directive, set up in 2012, to mandate energy savings on water pumps.

    To highlight the particularity of this performance, the mandatory MEI in the EU has stood at a value of at least 0.4 since July 2014

    Features of the FlowFriend Series:
    - Extremely energy-efficient
    - Standard flow/ speed control
    - Optional 0-10V control
    - Large flows with low energy consumption
    - Extremely quiet
    - A highly efficient, new generation permanent magnet motor
    - 3 different optimized pump housings, completely cast from stainless steel 316
    - Optimal tuning for versatile application a premium-efficiency IE4 motor
    - Motor developed and produced in Germany
    - Worldwide use: voltages ranging from 100-240V/50-60 Hz

    As standard, each type of FlowFriend is adjustable in speed (600-2550 rpm). For regulation, a display is built on the pump, where you can also read the power and hours. Via an optional 0-10V input, each FlowFriend can also be controlled externally. The major advantage of permanent magnet motors over frequency-controlled asynchronous motors is their remarkably high efficiency at low speeds. They are also considerably more economical in the higher speed range.

    Ingenious pump housings
    The hydraulics of a pump consist of the pump impeller and the pump housing. The hydraulics of the FlowFriend are made entirely of cast stainless steel 316. Robust, smooth and a perfect shape for minimal internal losses.

    The hydraulics determine:
    - To a large extent the overall efficiency of the pump.
    - The suitability of the pump for a particular application

    The FlowFriend Standard has a mixed-flow pump housing, a shape that is also widely used in pumping stations. Its optimal application range is between 1 and 5 meters head. The hydraulics are selected so that more pressure is available than with a propeller pump. In the process, considerably less energy is consumed compared to pumps of similar capacity. Almost all high capacity pumps have more than 10 meters of pressure. This high available pressure consumes a lot of energy. If there is a slightly higher back pressure due to e.g. longer pipe lengths, more bends and height difference, then this "standard" FlowFriend is the optimal choice. The FlowFriend has a 3" threaded connection on both the suction and pressure side.

    Motor and seal
    The FlowFriend features a very high-quality shaft seal from Eagle Burgmann. The motor itself is developed and produced by one of Germany's largest and most important electric motor manufacturers. The efficiency of the motor, depending on the speed, is between 88 and 94%

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    FlowFriend Standard (0-70m3)
    FlowFriend Standard (0-70m3)

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