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    MPF MPF Biodrum 200

    Product description

    Suitable for koi ponds up to 200m3 and for swimming ponds up to 300m3!

    * The Sieve is a 70 micron sieve cloth that has an extremely high water contact surface of over 80%!

    * The drain consists of a sloping gutter with a 110mm connection. There is also a flushing system.

    * integrated to flush the waste gutter if necessary.

    * The Bio Chamber has a capacity of 420 liters!

    * The stainless steel Internal high pressure pump to rinse the filter cloth is a 5 bar 5m3 per hour high pressure pump.


    The specifications regarding the inlets and outlets are negotiable at an additional cost. Larger sizes are also possible and we can easily deliver customization. Make an appointment with your dealer to discuss your wishes and ideas.

    Maximum flow: 100m3 per hour with maximum water level in gravity setup.
    Controls: Incl. with dry run protection

    incl. air dish
    incl. Bypass for calamities.
    incl. Internal Flush Pump
    incl. industrial electronics

    Filter comes standard with lid

    The filter comes standard with a 2 year warranty (excl. filter cloth)

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    Product specifications


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    MPF MPF Biodrum 200
    MPFMPF Biodrum 200

    Suitable for koi ponds up to 200m3...

    Suitable for koi ponds ...

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