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    MPF MPF Moving Bed Turbo Bacteria

    MPF MPF Moving Bed Turbo Bacteria
    Product description

    MPF Moving Bed Turbo Bacteria

    1 kg for 50,000 liters of pond water


    Specially developed for Moving Bed filters and Biological filters that start up slowly.


    Multiplication of the bacteria from 5°C. Six carefully selected bacterial strains compete with harmful bacteria and (pathogenic) fungi. The Turbo Start bacteria secrete various enzymes and EPS. The EPS deposits, among other things, on the carrier material in the biological filter and on the pond walls. The bacteria release antibodies against harmful organisms and are immune to certain chemical substances, such as potassium permanganate. The bacteria also ensure rapid breakdown of ammonium and later nitrite. The Enzyme Peroxidase helps to break down filamentous algae and ensures clear and healthy pond water and reduced stress in fish.

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    MPF MPF Moving Bed Turbo Bacteria
    MPFMPF Moving Bed Turbo Bacteria

    Specially developed for Moving Bed...

    Specially developed for...

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