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    MPF MPF Pond Booster

    MPF MPF Pond Booster
    Product description

    MPF Pond Booster


    For starting up moving bed filters that are behind high quality drum filters in combination with MPF Micro bacteria and MPF Enzyme booster


    MPF Pond Booster is a high-quality start-up and maintenance product for all types of pond/filters. After adding the Pond Booster, the micro-organisms do their useful work. The necessary minerals and enzymes ensure that the bacteria can develop more easily. The different bacterial strains combat organic slip and break down ammonia and nitrite. With this product, the living environment for your Koi is guaranteed to be optimized with beautiful, clear and healthy pond water.



    30ml per 1,000 liters of pond water. Divide the Pond Booster over the water or available filter medium. This smart product then integrates into the filter material.

    Keep the product in a cool and dark place.

    Usage advice:

    Dosage per 10,000 liters of pond water: 100 grams of Micro Bacteria, 100 ml Pond Booster and 100 ml Enzyme Booster.

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    MPF MPF Pond Booster
    MPFMPF Pond Booster

    For starting up moving bed filters...

    For starting up moving ...

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