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    Ilex Filtration Ilex Biodrum 20 Drum filter + matting chamber XL

    Product description

    The Ilex Biodrum 20XL with mat chamber is a low-maintenance filter system that ensures healthy and clear pond water!

    This combi drum filter is equipped with an ingenious drum filter technology and 2 chambers

    • 1 room with a biologist of 150 liters incl. Helix 50 liters
    • and 1 extra room with 1 Japanese mat
    • Motor: 120Nm
    • Incl. Control with dry running protection
    • Incl. Bypass for emergencies
    • Incl. Oase Flushing pump (3 year warranty)
    • Incl. 30 liters of helix
    • Incl. Japanese mats
    • Incl. 2x Air stone 200mm

    These filters combine a Drum and Biological filter in a compact housing.

    The Drum filter is a mechanical pre-filter that removes very fine contamination (up to 70 microns) from a water flow in a simple way. Then the second chamber provides a powerful biological filtration. This chamber is standard equipped with 30 liters of Helix, but can also be equipped with, for example, K1 micro for an even better biological filtration.

    The filter is made of high-quality materials such as stainless steel and polypropylene (PP) and aims to guarantee perfect water quality in a simple and reliable way.

    This Combi drum filter comes complete with Bio-media, Japanese mats, lid, Electronics with dry-running protection and an Oase Rinse pump.

    Drum dimensions: diameter 420mm, length is 400mm.
    Maximum flow: 20m3 per hour with maximum water level in gravity setup.

    Can be set up both pump-fed and gravity (maximum pump-fed 12m3 per hour)


    The specifications regarding the inlets and outlets are negotiable at an additional cost. Larger sizes are also possible and we can easily deliver custom work. Make an appointment with your dealer to discuss your wishes and ideas.

    Length: 1210mm
    Width: 850mm with motor
    Height: 900mm

    Height above water level 11.5 cm

    The filter comes standard with a 2-year warranty (excluding filter screen)

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